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The CREST Simulator supports all of the latest versions of DEX messaging to allow you to test your back office systems, detecting and correcting software bugs prior to live CREST trialling. We can act as your testing partner to help meet your deadlines more quickly and efficiently by condensing the length of your testing period; alleging trades against you using one of our special counterparties; setting up and running corporate actions intra-day; acting as the central counterparty or simulating the complete DBV lifecycle, including adjustments, substitutions and mark to market.


To assist your development and testing teams, the Safe Financials support desk consists of professional, experienced personnel to provide answers to questions on connectivity, technical issues and CREST functionality and messaging.

The support desk is available on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.30pm. With clients who have tight schedules, or are in a different time zone to the UK, we are able to offer pre arranged support out of normal hours, at an additional charge.


You have a choice between Shared and Dedicated Safe Financials CREST Simulator environments, which accommodate different levels of customisation.

Special SFL Counterparties can be used, which will automatically allow certain actions to be performed within the Simulator. For example, immediate or delayed auto-matching, non-matching, auto matching and auto splitting.


As part of your routine testing, we can take on a number of roles as your testing partner. These include your counterparty, the central counterparty (CCP), registrar, CREST claims processing unit, CREST system manager and your payment bank.


Our support service also provides downloadable Proformas, which are spreadsheet templates, designed to ensure clear communication of instructions and minimise errors. For example, settlement netting, corporate actions and alleged trades may be sent to the support desk on one of our proformas. These will then be processed and transaction IDs sent back to you to allow your continued testing.

Information Factsheets are available to assist you with a number of areas of CREST testing.


Although the Simulator works in exactly the same manner as CREST, we are also able to offer exception testing in the form of intra day running of corporate actions, settlement of trades before actual settlement date, settlement of DBVs at any time during the day.


Quality of software is enhanced by having the ability to be continually connected to the Simulator for full lifecycle testing.


To enhance your use of the CREST Simulator, Safe Financials provides a web based online portal to allow your users to view all of your transactions in the Simulator and to take control of your testing by allowing input of transactions; creation of corporate actions; matching, settling, splitting and deleting of trades; adding and updating member accounts; enquiring upon file sequence numbers; inputting of DBVs and much more.

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If you would like to learn more about the Simulator and how it can help your system testing, training and development, please get in touch with us via our Contacts page.

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