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The two main methods of using the CREST Simulator are:

File Transfer Interface

A File Transfer Interface, used to send DEX message files to/from the service using either:


  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • HTTPs 
  • IBM MQ


A web accessible portal to manage each connection to the CREST Simulator.

Access via https://simgui.sfl.co.uk



In a CREST environment, access is achieved through the SWIFT or BT Settlenet secure networks.  The CREST Simulator differs, in that access is provided over the internet using encrypted transfer protocols, imitating a secure network.

There are a number of options for connecting to the Simulator:

SF Gateway Applications

These applications manage the transfer of files between local/remote locations.   The software is normally installed on a Customer server which can be left running to support multiple connections and users.

See Connecting with SF Gateway Apps for more details.

Direct SFTP Access

Customers access the SFL service directly with choice of password or public/private key authentication.   SFL can support FTP or SFTP.


IBM MQ is a secure messaging application supported by both SWIFT/Syntegra and typically replaces conventional file transfer processes using one of the following configurations:

Direct MQ via Remote Queues

SFL MQ Client Gateway 

Own SFTP Server

Customers provide access to their own SFTP server.   

SFL manage the flow of files without the need for onsite software.   



The SimGUI is a web based portal providing an interface into a Customers CREST Simulator environment.

Each Simulator connection is provided their Gateway Credentials. These credentials are used to register a users email address within the SimGUI. With customer permission, SFL permit access to a gateway by 3rd parties and software houses associated with the customer.

The following diagram depicts the SimGUI and CREST Simulator.

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