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How the simulator works

The CREST Simulator works like the real CREST Settlement system.
I.e. The customer sends files, containing DEX formatted messages, to
the simulator via an FTP link. The Simulator processes the files and
returns valid DEX formatted responses.

The system does not require expensive dedicated Gateway1 hardware.
A Simulator Gateway connects a single test environment to the
Simulator. Each Gateway has a unique User ID and Participant

How to connect to the service

There are three standard ways to connect to the simulator :

  • Client controlled – FTP/SFTP/HTTPs using SFL software gateway applications included in your connection costs
  • Client controlled – In-house method of file transfer to SFL
  • SFL controlled file transfer using customers server

What does the Simulator Gateway Software do?

The SFL Secure Gateway software or solution supplied by the customer
manages the sending of complete files between the test environment
and Simulator.

The software must ensure that only complete files are sent and taken
from the Simulator application server. The original files must be either
deleted or more preferably archived after transmission.

The software must control the flow of files from the Customer’s system
in the same way as either Syntegra/Radianz or Swift.