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Who Configures the connection and Simulator Gateway ?

The configuration of the Customer’s Gateway, Participant and Operator
requirements are sent to SFL via the Registration template.

Once SFL receive these requirements we will set up your details within the Simulator.

SFL will configure the Simulator and provide the customer with a User ID, password and IP address for
each Simulator Gateway.

At this point either the customer alone, or with the help of SFL,
configures the system environment to make use of the service.

What information do you require?

In order to get your connection up and running as quickly as possible, we ideally need the following information:


  • Your system/project/environment name ie. Pre Production, UAT etc.
  • Required Start Date
  • Do you require the SFL Gateway Software?
  • File Transfer Protocol – FTP/SFTP/HTTPS
  • Gateway type you want replicating – Swift/Syntegra
  • Participant/Participants ID’s
  • Member Accounts
  • CMAs