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Connecting with MQ Remote Queues

Connectivity to the Simulator can be achieved using IBM MQs in-built Remote Queue feature.

Remote Queues

This special type of queue allows a local queue to be accessed remotely as if the queue was available at both sites.   Messages are synchronised by the IBM software.


  • IBM MQ is required at both the customer and Simulator sites.
  • MQ to MQ Internet communications OR a IPSEC compliant VPN link

Typical MQ Setup

The diagram below depicts how MQ can be setup between customer and Simulator.

Example Data Flows

In this example we are using OP001 as the file transfer operator:


DEX File Flow from Customer to SFL

  • DEX files are placed onto the local operator send queue OP001.TRN by the back office application (or middleware) with a correlation id equivalent to a normal gateway process.
  • IBM MQ handles the local to remote queue transfer so the message is available at SFL on the queue OP001.TRN.
  • A MQ client, at SFL, consumes the new message which removes it from both local and remote queues.
Optional processing:
  • An ACK status message can be sent to a status queue OP001.TRN.STS.
  • Note: SF are unable to provide NAK processing at this time.

DEX File Flow from SFL to Customer

  • SFL push response messages onto the remote queue OP001.RCV by an MQ client with a correlation id equal to a conventional file name.
  • MQ handles the transfers from remote to customer local.
  • The customers back office (or middleware) consumes the response messages and processes the DEX content.