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SFL can provide the Safe Gateway Manager application (SGM) which handles the transfer of DEX messages between the Customer site and the Simulator service.

The SGM provides an MQ client interface so a DEX message flow can be managed between entities using secure protocols.

Internet transfer is provided by HTTPs or by utilising a small SFTP Gateway application.


  • The SGM can be installed on either Microsoft Windows (server/desktop) or most popular Linux distributions.  E.g. Ubuntu. A Java JRE of 1.8 must be installed.
  • Network communications using HTTPS or SFTP out to our server gw1.sfl.co.uk.


See the following document for technical requirements.

Typical MQ Setup

The diagram below depicts how MQ can be setup:

Example Data Flows

In this example we are using OP001 as the file transfer operator:


DEX File Flow from Customer to SFL

  • DEX files are placed onto the local operator send queue OP001.TRN by the back office application (or middleware) with a correlation id equivalent to a conventional gateway file name.
  • The SGM application consumes the messages from the local queue.
  • The SGM sends the data via an encrypted protocol to the Simulator service
Optional processing:
  • An ACK status message can be sent to a status queue OP001.TRN.STS.
  • Note: SF are unable to provide NAK processing at this time.

DEX File Flow from SFL to customer

  • The SGM picks up files, securely, from the Simulator and pushes response data onto the MQ queue OP001.RCV with a correlation id equivalent to a conventional gateway file name.

    The back-office system consumes the response file and processes the DEX content.