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SFL have two gateway applications that provide connectivity to the Simulator.

Secure Gateway (SG)

This older application can be installed on on any version of Microsoft Windows.

The SG utilises FTP and SFTP to provide secure and none secure file transfer between entities.

Safe Gateway Manager (SGM)

The new gateway application capable of running on multiple platforms using JAVA.

The SGM utilises HTTPs to provide a secure, proxy aware, method of file transfer.

Prerequisites for Connecting to the Simulator

  • Either HTTPs, FTP or SFTP network links between sites
  • Windows or Java server to install the gateway application
  • Swift or Radianz File Transfer Processing

Typical Gateway Setup

The diagram below depicts how the SGM or SG  can be setup between customer and Simulator.

Example Data Flows

  • The back-office system generates files which are picked by the SF Gateway via a mapped drive.
  • The Gateway transfers the files over the internet using encrypted protocols to the SF Gateway Server.
  • The CREST Simulator processes the files from the customer and deposits response files back onto the Gateway Server.
  • The SF Secure Gateway app polls the Gateway Server to pickup the processed files and deposit them on the back-office system.
Optional processing:
  • Syntegra status files and SWIFT “T” files can be used on both transmission and receive transfers.

NOTE: All connectivity is controlled by the customer and at no point do SFL require network access.