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This issue:

  • Primary File Transfer Gateway Update
  • DEX 26.0


Primary File Transfer Gateway Update

To ensure that SFL maintains high levels of reliability and security; the primary gateway server will be upgraded with the latest Windows Server operating system and file transfer software over this coming weekend (6/6/2020 10:00 to 12:00).

This will affect FTP and SFTP to host gw1.sfl.co.uk and no action is required by yourself.

Although we have conducted our own internal testing, any issues next week should be reported to support@sfl.co.uk as soon as possible.


As you will no doubt already be aware, DEX 26.0, incorporating the new CSDR Transaction changes, has been available to test in the Simulator for several months now.

On Monday 27th July 2020 DEX 26.0 will GO LIVE in Euroclear.

The launch of DEX 26.0 will have major impacts on your back office functionality and messaging protocols.

Many older message versions, particularly transaction input messages, will become obsolete in LIVE CREST, and you will need to use the new updated versions from this date. i.e. ADVN Version 8 etc.

Please see the below link for details of all new/obsolete message versions.

It is your responsibility to ensure these new versions are sent to CREST on this date. Older versions will be NAK’ed.

The Simulator will still accept older versions of the messages on this date to facilitate any late testing requirements, with them becoming obsolete a short time later.

If you have any questions relating to the above changes then please contact support@sfl.co.uk


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