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DEX VERSION 27.0 available to test

The March 2021 software release includes changes to domestic meetings and proxy voting in connection with the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRDII). This functionality is now available to test in the simulator ahead of its go LIVE launch in Euroclear on Monday March 15th 2021.

After discussions with Euroclear, a revised version of DEX 27.0 is now available to download which includes changes to the CT0075 template. Please therefore download this revised version from the Euroclear website. This new DEX release is optional.

The new release is mainly centered around Proxy Voting changes. Several File Transfer messages are being updated to newer versions and some new messages have also been added.

New File Transfer messages will be added:

Message Type Message Name Version
KVCN Execution Confirmation Input 001
KVCA Execution Confirmation Amend 001
KVCP Execution Confirmation Details Response 001
KVCQ Execution Confirmation Request 001

Message Version Changes

The following message versions are being updated  :

Message Type Message Name Retained Version(s) New Version
KMAN Meeting Announcement Input 002 003
KMAA Meeting Announcement Amend 002 003
KMAQ Meeting Announcement Details Request 002 003
KMAP Meeting Announcement Details Response 002 003
KPIN Proxy Instruction Input 001 002
KPIA Proxy Instruction Amend 001 002
KMIQ Proxy Instruction Request 001 002
KMIP Proxy Instruction Details Response 001 002
KPHQ Proxy Instruction Status History Request 001 002
KPSQ Proxy Instruction Status Change Request 001 002
KPSP Proxy Instruction Status Change Response 001 002
QPAQ Issuer’s Agent Proxy Instruction Request 001 002
QFCQ File Changes Request 23,24 25

Please visit the Euroclear website for all the latest up to date documentation relating to this release.

For any assistance with your testing or to discuss these new changes, please contact support@sfl.co.uk