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Euroclear May 2020 Release Postponed

On Wednesday 18th March, Euroclear issued an Operational Bulletin giving details of the planned introduction of DEX 26.0.

As a consequence of the circumstances brought about by Coronavirus (Covid-19) the planned May release is being postponed.

This means that the changes announced in the earlier Operational Bulletin 2019-120 will be launched at a later date.

The changes are still available to test in the CREST Simulator – you simply need to let us know if you wish the configuration in your environment to be aligned to DEX 26.0 which will NAK all of the older message versions. Otherwise we will maintain all of the older versions until we know the live date in CREST.

For any assistance with your testing or to discuss the testing options mentioned above, please contact support@sfl.co.uk

Please could we request all clients use email for all support issues and only telephone for urgent issues.

Many thanks


SFL Support