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The CREST Simulator provides you with a cost effective, on demand service to test your back office systems as if you are connected to CREST. Once connected to the Simulator, no booking of trialling slots is required. It provides 100% DEX compatibility for all supported message versions. It offers full transaction, reconciliation and file change processing. Transactions can be auto matched by the simulator or matched by conventional dual party input.

100% DEX compatible

The Simulator has been running now for over 17 years and is always kept up to date with every DEX release. As a rule we aim to put our DEX releases in 4 weeks before CREST trialling.


Multiple Connections

The Simulator has over 140 connections, spread across 50 organisations including Brokers, Banks, Software houses, Fund Managers and Clearers.


Connected Independent of Gateway

No additional gateway is required for testing as it is a web-based service using the latest file transfer protocols. 


Nil Maintenance

There is no on-site maintenance required and no operational overheads.


Significantly reduces development risk

Development risk is significantly reduced as the Simulator is used to perform full and exhaustive regression testing each time a systems or process change is implemented. Changes performed on one system can have a significant impact on the operation of another. Without the simulation of one of the most vital processes, settlement, full regression testing becomes impossible. Automated tools can easily simulate the input of several hundred bargains but the process is halted at the point where the information is sent to CREST. By using the Simulator the correct responses will be returned to the testing platform and the remainder of the process is able to continue. 


Cost effective pricing

Our pricing structure is extremely cost effective when compared to the cost of failed systems due to insufficient testing. Our flexible cost structure allows us to offer you a package to suit your needs. We would be pleased to provide a quotation upon confirmation of your specific needs.


All Message Types

The Simulator replicates all message types in CREST and covers all the main areas such as Settlement, Settlement Netting, Term DBVs, Custody, Corporate Actions and Reconciliation.


Available 5 Days a Week

The service is available from 5:30am to 8:30pm and includes an experienced, professional telephone/email support team available from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Via the support team, scripted testing is also available. Weekend or out of hours usage is also available upon request.


Internet Enquiry

The Simulator is backed by a SimGUI, through which you can manage your own data and perform specific CREST related actions. 


Add realism to your training environments

Your training environments are as real as your live environments with the Simulator. The benefits of realistic training using the Simulator will be better prepared trainees with fuller experience of the system before exposure to ‘live’ business transactional data.


‘Closed Loop’ Settlement Processing

The Simulator provides ‘Closed Loop’ Settlement Processing. Your systems react to various triggers that originate from a variety of sources. One of the key triggers within your system is the arrival of information from CREST: receipt of an allegation, a matching status change, stamp transactional information and actual settlement are all examples of events that may trigger processes within your application. Without realistic simulation, the testing of the full system is exceedingly tedious and prone to error because each of these triggers has to be manually created. The Simulator ‘closes the loop’ by feeding your system these triggers in exactly the same way as the CREST system does.

Ready to sign up or want more information?

If you would like to learn more about the Simulator and how it can help your system testing, training and development, please get in touch with us via our Contacts page.

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