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DEX 25.1 and DEX 26.0 Updates

This newsletter is being sent out as a quick reminder of the current CREST DEX changes available to test in the Simulator.

DEX 25.1 and its new associated message versions have been available to test in the simulator since September. This release includes many new versions of typical transaction messages and therefore will impact on your back office systems.

DEX 26.0 changes which go LIVE in CREST on Monday May 4th are also now available to test. 

The two main changes resulting from DEX 26.0 are : 

(1) Place of Trade MIC will become a matching field
(2) Older message versions will be marked obsolete and you will have to use the latest message versions outlined in this DEX release.

In order to aid with this testing of DEX 26.0 there are configurable options within the simulator to turn on Place of Trade MIC as a matching field. Obviously if you switch to this option all your messages will need to use the latest message versions. Our system participants will attempt to match these messages where possible with the latest versions also. However, you need to be aware that trades you have alleged to a counterparty in a shared environment may not be matched by them with the latest version.

As regards to obsolete messages, we do not typically set older message versions to NAK on the day they become obsolete in LIVE CREST. This allows clients to continue to test if they have not already made the switch to the latest versions. The older versions are marked as obsolete in the Simulator typically a few days after they have gone LIVE in CREST.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are using the latest DEX 26.0 versions in LIVE CREST from May 4th.

If you wish to test that the older message versions for DEX 26.0 will be NAK’d, then this is also configurable in the Simulator but you must ensure that your system is capable of processing all of the new versions.

For any assistance with your testing or to discuss the testing options mentioned above, please contact support@sfl.co.uk

IBM MQ and the Simulator

We are pleased to announce the addition of MQ to our standard methods of connectivity.

Many organisations now implement MQ for messaging across internal and external systems.   As Euroclear now supports MQ (via its secure networks) it allows companies to standardise all message flows and remove the need for conventional file transfer processes.  

SF supports either SWIFT or Syntegra implementations with connectivity provided via MQ Remote Queues or direct queue access using a SF Gateway application.

You can view more details on SFL’s MQ via our website https://sfl.co.uk/connecting or by contacting us via support@sfl.co.uk


From 1st January – 31st December 2019 the Simulator has processed 13 million messages, generating 105 million responses.