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In September 2009 Euroclear enhanced its system to allow the settlement of Unit Trust Funds (UTFs) The full service offers:

• Settlement of stock movements arising from subscriptions, redemptions and re-registrations
• Settlement of cash movements
• Reconciliation of participants holdings
• Reconciliation between the Registrar and Euroclear
• Client notification of Corporate Actions in funds securities
• Payments of benefits resulting from Corporate Actions


You are able to test all of the above using the Simulator.

Only a small subset of DEX messages is required to test Funds Settlement:

ADVN – Delivery
AATN – Own Account Transfer
ARAN – Registrars Adjustment
LPPP – Register Update Request (RUR)
MRSQ, MRAQ, MRCQ – Register Reconciliation by Registrar
CCPQ – Settled Cash Positions
ECPQ – Settled Cash Postings
BSBQ – Settled Stock Account Balances
BSCQ – Settled Changed Stock Balances
DSPQ – Settled Stock Postings
BOSQ – Open Transaction Stock Balances
BOCQ – Open Transaction Cash Balances
AOTQ – Open Transactions
AUTQ – Unmatched Transactions
BSRQ – Registrar’s Stock Account Balances
BFGQ – Funds Group 1 and Group 2 Balance Request

We have produced a proforma on which you specify all trade details and email back to the Safe Financials Support Desk. We then upload the data into the Simulator and depending on your Direct Input configuration create pre-matched or alleged trades.

We have our own Product Provider (SFLPP) set up within the Simulator. However it is possible for us to create others to aid your testing. We can also configure your Participant to act as a Product Provider.

Our experienced support team is on hand from 8.30am to 5.30pm each weekday to help you throughout your funds testing. Out of hours support is also available if required.

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