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DEX 23.0 Update

DEX 23.0 is due to go LIVE in CREST on March 30th 2015.

This new release will involve several changes to existing File Transfer messages as detailed in our previous newsletter and Euroclear documentation
Details can be found here: (You will need to register on the Euroclear website to access these)
Euroclear have issued a whitebook entitled “Enhancing CREST March 2015 – Client wish list”
As this whitebook does not fully document all the proposed changes and functionality due in DEX 23.0, Euroclear have informed us that there will be a subsequent whitebook issued in due course.
Therefore, in order to aid our clients testing between now and the GO-LIVE date, we have decided to release an initial version of DEX 23.0 into the simulator to allow you to test all the new message versions.
This initial release will not have any back office processing associated with it until the final whitebook is issued and we have updated our systems accordingly.
Message  Type Message Name Retained Version New Version Obsolete Version
FSFQ Security Full Details Request 12 13 11
FSFP Security Full Details Response 12 13 11
GPAQ User Participant Details Request 9 10 8
GPVQ Participant View Request 9 10 8
GPAP User Participant Details Response 9 10 8
GPAA Participant Amend 1 2 n/a
ATXQ Transaction Request 16 17 14,15
ATXP  Transaction Response 16 17 14,15
QFCQ File Changes Request 20 21 19
ALQQ Liquidity Queue Request 3 4 n/a
ALQP Liquidity Queue Response 3 4 n/a
IDIQ Direct Input Option Details Request 2 3 1
IDIP Direct Input Option Details Request 2 3 1
IDIA Direct Input Option Amend Request 2 3 1

Prior to the release of the new version of DEX 23.0, the Simulator will continue to support both newly introduced messages and those which are about to become obsolete. However, if you do not wish to have the obsolete messages acknowledged prior to release date, we are able to configure your user to NAK these. Please contact support@sfl.co.uk to request this.

If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact support@sfl.co.uk


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