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  • DEX 23.2 – July 2016
  • Removal of Legacy Overnight Gilt DBV Processing – October 2016
  • Euroclear UK and Ireland’s CREST System Enhancements – November 2016
  • New Improved SimGUI

DEX 23.2

A new FT DEX, version 23.2, is being introduced on 11th July 2016. This should not have very much impact on your testing, as there are no new or amended messages, but two messages are being withdrawn:

FCSQ CCP Security FT Retrieve
FCSP CCP Security FT Response

These messages will also be removed from the Simulator on this date.
Removal of Legacy Overnight Gilt DBV Processing

Euroclear recently announced that the legacy overnight gilt DBV processing service will no longer be available on the CREST system as from Monday, 3 October 2016. However, the legacy overnight equity DBV processing service will continue to be supported after this date.

If you are currently using the legacy overnight gilt DBV functionality (a DBV without a return date), you can replicate this business function by inputting a return date of the next business date in the DBV instruction.

This functionality can be tested in the Simulator prior to client testing with Euroclear.
Euroclear UK and Ireland’s CREST System Enhancements – November 2016

Euroclear have recently released DEX 24.0, which will go live in November this year.

File Transfer messages relating to participant, member account and securities data have been updated.

The following message versions will be introduced, with older versions becoming obsolete:

Message Type Message Name Retained Version New version Obsolete version
GPAN Participant Details Input 005 006 004
GPAQ User Participant Details Request 011 012 010
GPAP User Participant Details Response 011 012 010
GPVQ Participant View Request 011 012 010
IMAN Member Account Details Input 004 005 003
IMAA Member Account Details Amend 004 005 003
IMAQ Member Account Details Request 004 005 003
IMAP Member Account Details
004 005 003
FSFQ Security Full Details Request 013 014 012
FSFP Security Full Details Response 013 014 012
FMIN MMI Issuance Input 002 003 001
FMIA MMI Issuance Amend 002 003 001
FMIQ MMI Issuance Details Request 002 003 001
FMIP MMI Issuance Details Response 002 003 001
QFCQ File Changes Request 022 023 021

As soon as these changes will be available to test in the Simulator we will let you know.

More detail on these changes can be found on the Euroclear website (You will need to register on the Euroclear website to access these) :
Technical Newsletter

New Improved SimGUI

You may have noticed that the SimGUI has been updated to improve the navigation of the site. Some menu options have changed to simplify the user experience. You can connect to the new SimGUI here: simgui.sfl.co.uk Please remember to update any bookmarks and refresh your browser to link to the new style SimGUI.


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