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Euroclear have issued details of new CREST enhancements which will go live on Monday 18th November 2019. The core functionality related to this software release will be delivered in the November phase and will be optional until the second phase of updates are delivered in February 2020At this point, enhancements delivered by both phases will become mandatory and CREST will cease to support the old functionality and associated GUIs.

These changes include:

  • new processing for Optional Corporate Actions (Dividend with Options)
  • new processing for capturing transaction data required for the CSD Regulation (CSDR)

New File Transfer messages will be added:

Message Type Message Name Version
QOPQ Operator Details Request 001
QOPP Operator Details Response 001
FSRQ Security Reconciliation Request 001
FSRP Security Reconciliation Response 001

New Transaction data fields include:

  • Trade Date on new message version is now mandatory for certain transaction types
  • Place of Trade MIC has been added to replace the existing Venue ID field and is mandatory
  • CSDR Transaction Type has been added and is mandatory

Message Version changes for the CSDR Transaction Data Capture are as shown in the below table:

Message Type Message Name Retained Version(s) New Version
AATN Own Account Transfer Input 004, 005, 006 007
ACDN Complex Delivery Input 002 003
ADVN Delivery Input 004, 005, 006, 007 008
ALNN Stock Loan Input 002, 003 004
ARPN Repo Input Request 001 002
ARTN Residual Input 002, 003 004
ASDN Stock Deposit Input 003, 004 005
ASWN Stock Withdrawal Input 003, 004 005
ATXA Transaction Amend 004, 005 006
ATXP Transaction Response 016, 017 018
ATXQ Transaction Request 016, 017 018
AXDN Cross Border Unmatched Delivery 002, 003 004
NDDA DBV Amend 002 003
NDDN DBV Input 005, 006 007
NDDP DBV Details Response 005, 006 007
NDDQ DBV Details Request 005, 006 007
Full details of these changes and the new DEX 25.1 can be found on the Euroclear website: www.euroclear.com (Account log in details required for access).

We are hoping to have these changes available for testing in the Simulator during August 2019. We will confirm the date as soon as possible.

For any assistance with your testing, please contact support@sfl.co.uk.


From 1st January 2019 to 31st May 2019, the Simulator has processed 6.25 million messages, generating 43.5 million responses.

On one day during April, we received and processed 1.3 million messages, generating 2.2 million response messages.