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  • Shareholders Rights Directive II Implementation – DEX 26.2

DEX 26.1 and DEX 26.2 Updates

DEX 26.1/DEX 26.2 are now available to test in the simulator.
These changes are planned to go LIVE in CREST on November 23rd 2020.

These new changes relate to the new Shareholders Rights Directive II.

DEX 26.1 has now been superseded by DEX 26.2. This new version of the DEX has an update to ATXP Version 18 . The field Place of Trade MIC will now also be returned for transaction types DBR,SLR & SLD. It was previously erroneously stated as not being returned in this version of the message.

The main changes resulting from DEX 26.1/26.2 are :

(1) New Version of KCAQ/KCAP  i.e. Version 9 – This new message will return the new Shareholder Rights Directive II specific fields if they are present on a corporate action.

To assist with testing of this new optional functionality we have now created new corporate action proformas. These new online forms can be completed from our website or via the “Corporate Actions” menu on the SimGUI. Once complete and submitted, we will then set it up in the simulator. Alternatively you can still use the “Quick Input” corporate actions option to get a corporate action set up immediately. If you wish for any of the new fields then to be populated (i.e. KCAP Version 9 )  just email support and we will amend accordingly.

(2) New Version QFCQ i.e. Version 24 – This new message will return the new KCAP Version 9 outlined above.

The above changes are part of the phased updates of the Shareholders Rights Directive II implementation. This current phase includes the changes to corporate action processing. The next phase which is planned for March 2021 will include changes to Proxy Voting functionality within CREST. Another DEX release is expected later in the year to further outline these changes.

Please visit the Euroclear website for all the latest documentation relating to this release .

For any assistance with your testing or to discuss these new changes, please contact support@sfl.co.uk