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SF Coronavirus Contingency Plan Overview

In response to an outbreak of the Coronavirus affecting any SF staff/close third parties or if it is advised to do so, SF will invoke a Remote Working strategy.

Remote Working

SFL operate multiple data centres in the UK with the head office in Lichfield.

  • All key staff have secure VPN links which provides full access to the service.
  • All telecommunications are internet based so the main support number (01283 495 215) will be diverted to a support operator.

Travel and Meetings

To minimise contact and the spread of the disease, all meetings will be facilitated by online services.

Please contact the support desk (support@sfl.co.uk) to rearrange any planed meetings.

Service Impacts

There should be no material impact to our service.

Our key suppliers have all cited that they have plans in place and nothing has indicated a potential disruptions to our service.

Communicating with SF

All phones and email will operate as normal.

  • 01283 495215
  • support@sfl.co.uk

Any updates to our service will be communicated via status.sfl.co.uk.