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The new FT DEX Version 25.0, which is already available for testing in the Simulator goes Live in CREST on Monday 19th November.

The message version changes are as shown in the below table:

Message TypeMessage NameObsolete VersionRetained Version
FMIAMMI Issuance Amend Request002003
FMINMMI Issuance Input Request002003
FMIQMMI Issuance Details Request002003
FMIPMMI Issuance Details Response002003
FSFPSecurity Full Details Response013014
FSFQSecurity Full Details Request013014
GPANParticipant Details Input005006
GPAPUser Participant Details Response011012
GPAQUser Participant Details Request011012
GPVQParticipant View Request011012
IMAAMember Account Details Amend004005
IMANMember Account Details Input004005
IMAPMember Account Details004005
IMAQMember Account Details Request004005
QFCQFile Changes Request022023

In addition, the Security Details Response messages have been updated. FSFP version 14 and FSEP version 5 messages will now have the data participant ID field as optional.

These messages will be returned in response to a Dynamic QFCQ  for changes of security reconciliation dates, available to registrars only.