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The CREST November 2017 release software enhancements to support the CSDR Registrar Issuance Controls are available to test in the CREST Simulator.Clients are informed that the changes only affect UK Registrars.


We create you a participant of type Registrar and allocate various ISINs to your participant. We then create transfers within the system which would generate RURs. You then mimic your side of this process, retrieving the RURs, processing and confirming. This then updates the status of the RUR on the transfer. Bad Deliveries are also processed in the Simulator as in CREST with the transfer being ‘reversed’ if not agreed/corrected by the System Controller.


RURs Once a transfer of ownership of CREST registered securities is settled in CREST this needs to be reflected on the companies’ registers. Consequently CREST generates a Registrars Update Request (RUR) for each transaction which involves a transfer of ownership. When appropriate a secondary RUR is made available to the Receiving Agent i.e. in the case of a Takeover, to maintain a shadow register.


The main areas in the Registrar functionality include:
• RUR processing
• Reconciliation (including GUI)
• Corporate Action processing
• Meeting Announcements


CREST also reconciles with Registrars regularly in three ways:

• A daily reconciliation of the total of each ISIN held in CREST, this is done at the end of the day.

• A daily reconciliation of the balance of each stock account which has been adjusted that day, this is done at the end of the day

• A periodic reconciliation of the balances on all stock accounts in an ISIN, this can be sent either intra day or at the end of the day

Reconciliation can also be undertaken for a specified prior day. i.e to check the reconciliation as at a particular day for record date on Corporate Action purposes.

The Simulator supports all Registrar Reconciliation functionality. Our interactive SimGUI also gives our Registrar clients the ability to retrieve a Security Reconciliation List and Security Reconciliation Details. These functions provide Registrars with the capability to reset the database so that any failed requests can be re-submitted. We can also manipulate the status of any reconciliation to reflect the status you require.


Receiving Agents need to be able to maintain a shadow register in the case of a Takeover and in order to do this they must be able to retrieve secondary RURs (as explained above).

We support this by providing you with a Corporate Action proforma; On here you specify your Registrar ID and/or and Receiving Agent ID along with all relevant other details relating to the Takeover. We then create transfers on which both the Registrar and Receiving Agent will have an RUR generated. We can offer great flexibility on this processing to assist in your testing accordingly.


Full meeting announcement functionality is available to test in the Simulator (KMIN, KPIN, KMAN, KMAP, KMRA, KMRP, KPSP etc)

Our experienced support team is on hand from 8.30am to 5.30pm each weekday to help you throughout your funds testing. Out of hours support is also available if required.


The latest messages from the November 2017 DEX release have been added: AUBN; AUBD; AUBQ; AUBP; ABTQ; ABTP and a new version of ARAN – version 2.


For more information on the Registrar functionality testing offered by Safe Financials please contact us (Email: support@sfl.co.uk Telephone: +44 (0)330 390 5215). We can offer a great level of flexibility and can have you connected to the Simulator to commence your testing within a few hours.

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